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[Concept]Doki Doki Literary Wars (Two Ideas for the price of one)

2021.09.26 22:56 Rezeed [Concept]Doki Doki Literary Wars (Two Ideas for the price of one)

The very idea was inspired by Yuri and Natsuki's routes, in the base game, along with their one argument that transcends time and space.
To set the stage, the Literature Club has been around since the beginning of the school year and the actual teacher that is suppose to be supervising it one day notices there wasn't any actual planned activities going on with the club. It was mainly the 4 girls just reading their own books on their own, away from each other, and not even bothering to discuss literature in general let alone even have any planned activities. The teacher themself has no personal problem with it (mostly because the day the teacher checked in, it was to see how the club was doing and this could have been an isolated incident, and this was at the time early in the club's life), they still are obligated to make sure school regulations are actually followed. The regulation in question was not to have clubs that are 100% idling and not really doing anything in particular. It's a waste of the school's time, resources, and the club space could have gone to a club that is more "productive" with their time together. In light of this information, the teacher told them, they have until the end of the second term to at the very have one or two reoccurring club activities or they will be forced to shut down their club.(The only reason it isn't sooner is because the teacher in question seems to not alone about some of the problems they are having despite never being open about it. This teacher knows how important this club is to them and wanted to at least give as much leniency as possible. Unfortunately, the end of the second term was the best the teacher can do. )
Throughout the entire remainder of the first term and part way in the second term, the literature club have tried and exhausted as many ideas as they could possibly think of at the time. The results ranged from getting bored of it fast to extreme frustration towards the person who gave the idea. At wit's end they finally agreed on one thing, to have proper book discussions which unfortunately led to another problem. None of them could agree on what to read for these discussions. Seeing an opportunity to find peace in all of this (albeit in a self serving way), Sayori got an idea that immediately got the support of Monika. Sayori mentions that she was a friend that she hasn't talked to in quite a while (The player character). The very childhood friend she was talked about in passing every now and them. When Natsuki ask about the relevance, Sayori is suggests he could become a member of the Literature Club. Sayori continues on by making it a point, he isn't really into literature and that this could be a good opportunity/"project" for them since he would be a perfect person to share the joys of literature and after a fair amount time with him in the club, we can come to proper vote onto what kind of books they will all read for future book discussions until the 3rd term. Monika added, if they can get more than two votes on what they want,(they know they are very unlikely to vote outside of their tastes), they will accept one other activity they really want to see added that was previously put to rest that the winner really liked. Little did they know, even if they get him in the club, he can be a devil's advocate, his disinterest may be a challenge, and whatever approach they may incorperate might not even work or at least as intended.
[Translation to the vote: They all intend on persuading the player character into getting into their literary preferences with Sayori and Monika believing they have a distinct advantage. Heck, Sayori only really emphasizes the distance there should be to hide the fact she could have an advantage.]
With that said, if this were to become a thing, I can see this having 5 routes. One for each of the girls, but the 5th is technically player character's/MC's route that's actually more wholesome by nature. The 5th route would be MC through the story piecing together that something is wrong, the friendship between the four of them is strained, and him coming up with a more unbiased solution to the book discussion situation.(While they never directly tell him until the day of the vote, he figures out on his own without them knowing. However, this only happens when You are locked into his route.)
Incidentally, this comes with a core difference and that's the route picking mini game which is my other idea. To formally introduced this, the day the MC joins plays out a bit different and one of the major differences is with a moment of panic, he brings a certain book in a vain attempt to impress or at least not be entirely hopeless. The book in question? Introducing the new mini game, DOKILibs. The book in question was a book of madlibs. While being grilled for details about himself on his first day, he was asked if he had any ideas on any ideas for activities they can do for club, he brings up DOKILibs. Aside from being something that never crossed anyone's mind, they decided to give it a shot for the week since they had nothing to lose. Each of the madlibs would be either one of their old act one poems or an anime/video game excerpt/synopsis based madlib made as an attempt to endear the MC.(The latter serves as a hint to the route you are fully in since they would always be the final madlib.). You are still picking words one of 5 people would like at the end of the day, but the main difference is, you actually get to see your choice of words actually get applied in the following day when the DOKILib is presented. I think this could be a fun alternative to the poem minigame since potentially no two people will have the same exact results and could lead to a couple of laughs.

I really doubt I'd actually do anything to see this through much like the first idea I posted, but I thought I'd share it anyway.(Don't have the proper resources to pull something like this off nor the proper writing chops to accomplish it.)
I hope you guys enjoy the read and if want a TLDR version, just ask and I'll see if I can try to sum it up.
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Was wondering if anyone knows of any stores that have boxes at reasonable prices. Thanks!
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So I have a few custom ships that I start the game with. I lost a battle and clicked RETREAT instead of RETRY. I expected my ship to withdraw and run away from battle but instead, it's gone. I guess that means it was destroyed or the crew abandoned ship. Either way, how do I go about getting another ship like the one I lost? Do I have to fund a mercenary with the same chassis then retrofit it?
Speaking of retrofitting, I thought all "repair cities" would have a good selection of, if not all of parts for a ship. It seems like this is not the case? Repair cities only have so much, but then the exotic partc cities is the one with a complete inventory of stuff?
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