my gecky's first ever eggs!!

2021.09.26 23:41 bclyl420 my gecky's first ever eggs!!

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2021.09.26 23:41 throwaway01818191010 Is it too late to get tickets for rollingloud California?

I really want to go but the tickets are sold out. Should I just go on the waitlist? Will I be charged anything if I'm stuck on the waitlist and can't get tickets?
What other options do I have? Or what is the best way to get some tickets? I don't want to pay more than the normal price.
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2021.09.26 23:41 _AcidDrop As a Batman fan, I envy Dr. Strange fans

One is a human that took around 30 years of intense training to maybe hold his own against alien threats if he has the time to plan and set up his preparations. The other is a human that started his training in mystical arts when he was already 40 years old, and, by the time he became 41, he was already one of the strongest beings in the universe.
Batman at his absolutely strongest doesn't hold a candle to Dr. Strange at his most pathetic state, and it took Batman 30 years to get to a level that Strange surpassed in a matter of weeks, but what truly twists the knife is that Strange fans can love their character as much as they want without ever having to hear that Strange is a Mary Sue for becoming so strong so fast, while Batman can't even reproduce the feats of other "peak humans" without being singled out as a Mary Sue whose godly-powers have gone out of control.
TL;DR: Batman is not allowed to be as impressive as other human characters anymore, while other human characters are allowed to go nuts without any limits.
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2021.09.26 23:41 dsaitken Which PC classes/alignments/races have interesting plots?

Like if you are a cleric/paladin of Shelyn with Valerie it would presumably be a plot point. Are there any things like make interesting dialogue or events?
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2021.09.26 23:41 LinkLiadin Best Game for storytelling?

Hey, so my a friend of mine wanted to see what the fuss was about in the Three Kingdoms media. Unfortunately, I can't convince them the read SGYY or SGZ yet, so i need to find a different media that will reel them in. I think the story telling DW7 and DW8 was alright, but i feel like there are so many gaps of you're not already familiar with the stories. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.26 23:41 silsilsilsilsilsil Akechi confidant

I've been working to max out Akechi, but hit a roadblock. It's 10/23 and he always says he's busy when I try to hang out with him. The deadline for getting him to level 8 is pretty soon so I'm kinda freaking out. Did I mess up or will there still be time?
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2021.09.26 23:41 sensitivesnuggler88 The Creature from the Black Lagoon by Sam Neer at Mainstreet Studios in Ashland, OH.

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2021.09.26 23:41 3amparanoia I made a tiny skull bucket with some spooky candy.

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2021.09.26 23:41 H25azbxwyz Judge Jeanine defends Border Patrol against Biden's 'lies'

(Source: FOX )
Watch the video in our channel:

Judge Jeanine defends Border Patrol against Biden's 'lies'
Jeanine Pirro slams the Biden administration for 'lies' about the crisis at the southern border Saturday on 'Justice with Judge Jeanine.'
Judge Jeanine Pirro defended Border Patrol agents Saturday on "Justice with Judge Jeanine" and criticized the Biden administration for the mounting crisis at the southern border.
JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: This week, the Biden administration told us that thousands of Haitians camped under that bridge in Del Rio, Texas face immediate expulsion to Haiti. But the Associated Press says those same illegal Haitians in Del Rio were being released into the interior of the United States on a very, very large scale, not flown home as Biden promised. So who to believe?
Yesterday, homeland security secretary, clueless Alejandro Mayorkas cleared everything up. The prior administration left us in a mess, and the system is broken. Really? The system is not broken. The left simply refuses to follow the law, and the president is not fulfilling his constitutional duty. Mayorkas says 30000, not 15000 Haitian illegals have been removed from Del Rio. Oh, that was fast.
What we know for sure is that flights and busses are going into the interior of the United States loaded with Haitians, to Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida under cover of darkness. So what could possibly go wrong?
The left, however, is comfortable lying to you, with Biden blaming Border Patrol for the disaster at the border.
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.09.26 23:41 Important-Ad6479 neuer post????

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2021.09.26 23:41 ihavebirb Not a fun time to be a Goblin

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2021.09.26 23:41 Udjddnsxh Been looking for a new bow, can you please leave me some suggestions. And tell me about this bow (Bear archery legit rth)

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2021.09.26 23:41 ThisFriend1636 I think I am being harassed what should I do?

I'm 20 and my girlfriend is 29 and my college classmate who I met two days ago thinks my relationship is weird because of the age gap. I understand he can have his opinion no biggie. But he then starts to stalk us, like he follows me around and at night at like 3:00 AM he broke into my apartment and assaulted my GF telling her to break up with me. Keep in mind before all this he kept bothering me about the age gap and I kept telling him I'm fine and to mind his business and leave me alone. But he said "this is my business" He left and my GF wasn't hurt to bad he just pushed her and tried to slap her but I got him off of her before things got to to bad. I told him to leave me alone or I will call the cops and he said "The cops would back me up and help catch this predator". And then he left. My girlfriend was really freaked out so I helped her go back to sleep and we kept the lights on. What should I do? He has my number because one of my friends gave it him and he won't stop texting me. I did block him but my friends gave him my other contact information. What should I do?
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2021.09.26 23:41 angeloftheafterlife Found in North Texas. What are these bugs?

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2021.09.26 23:41 Zestyclose-End-8016 Best easy heist for xp?

Im fairly new to the game and want to grind some xp and money. What is the best heist to grind?
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2021.09.26 23:41 r0ze97 You’re funny I Think Im Good

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2021.09.26 23:41 HayKd My favorite part about raiding Azelfs is seeing how much damage i can deal against it

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2021.09.26 23:41 stuli17 What If has just not been good for Tony's negotiating...

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2021.09.26 23:41 red87one3 I don’t know what to do

I fell to a sextortion scam a couple days ago and I’m just so down and sad it’s not even funny. I’ve lost all interest in anything’s I wanted to do. So I ended up paying someone who claims they could help and made my grandmother fork up 3000$ and wants more and I feel like a piece of shit because this even feels like a scam but I don’t know. She’s offering to pay 4000$ still to this company that we first contacted but I will not let her do this it makes me feel even worse I just hate this all. I just really beg anyone out there that can help me I’m a 20 year old male and made one time mistake I just really need help I’m so down please guys
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2021.09.26 23:41 Professional-Tower87 Legend lost sector exotics

Are exotic types e.g. helmets linked to the specific lost sectors, as in a K1 communion will only drop arms whenever it’s the legend lost sector ?
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2021.09.26 23:41 mrblueitoldyou The Door (art done by me)

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2021.09.26 23:41 Eeeeeeeeeeagle Which way are you going?

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2021.09.26 23:41 mireya9060 I knew it was too good to be true . Went back to Indiana 🙄🤔😏

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2021.09.26 23:41 JustFlickBean Cellulite Confirmation

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2021.09.26 23:41 mpagery Good followup to "The Looming Tower"

Just finished reading "The Looming Tower" by Lawrence Wright and wondering what would be a good followup to continue the story, such as the hunt for Al Qaeda, hunt for Zawahiri and bin Laden. Thanks
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