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2021.09.27 00:51 FlyEaglesFly95 Who wins the trade?

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2021.09.27 00:51 robotfromwalle when the storms came to town, they came with

Growing up, I remember my mother spending quite a lot of time sitting in front of the television, working on her various knitting projects and other crafts. She was always watching the weather channel when she did this. Our house was tiny, and my brother, Joshua, and I could almost always see her from where we had been playing. I remember asking her why she always watched such boring things, she just chuckled and said that she needed to make sure that no storms were coming and that I would understand better when I was older. And as I did get older, I did begin to understand it a bit better. The first time I remember realizing that the storms here weren’t quite normal was when I was in elementary school, maybe second or third grade. I had been sitting on the swingset, caught up in a childhood daydream when I felt a single drop of rain fall on my nose. I shook my face to get it off and looked up to see one of the playground monitors blowing her whistle and pointing at the sky. The other monitors looked over and blew their whistles to signal us to get inside.
We lined up in alphabetical order as we always did, and were rushed inside. I walked back to my classroom with the rest of the class, and we took our seats at our desks. “Suprise everyone!” My teacher announced, “We’ll be getting to leave early today, we just have to wait for the buses to get here! If you normally get picked up, we are still going to wait in the parking lot like normal.”
One student raised her hand, “Why do we get to leave, Ms. Maya? I don’t want to miss art time.” The teacher smiled, “The weather changed, and it seems like we might have a bad storm, and we don’t want you all walking home in it.”
When we were finally escorted to our buses, I sat next to Josh as always. He was playing on his DS. I looked at his screen, to see him playing some type of platformer game, intently focused on the level he was on at the moment. When he finally finished playing, Josh looked out at the window, towards a rapidly darkening sky. “My friend Duane says that his mom told him that there are monsters inside of the clouds and that’s why they send us home,” Josh blurted out, “Don’t tell Mom or Dad, but I’m staying up tonight to see if I can see one.”
I nodded, “Can I watch?”
“Yeah. Just don’t tell, and don’t be a crybaby if we see one.”
I gripped my backpack a bit tighter. I was at that transitional age where monsters were still scary, but I was also terribly curious about them.
The bus dropped us off at our house really quickly that day. My father was sitting on the front stoop, and a look of relief washed over his face when he saw the school bus pull up. Josh and I hopped out of our seats and headed down the buses aisle and into our front yard. The rain had picked up since we left the school, now I would have at least considered it a drizzle. “Hey boys,” My father said, “Let’s get inside, huh?”
We followed him in. My mother was knitting in her La-Z-Boy, staring at the weather radar on the television.
“You locked the windows, right, sweetheart?” She asked my father.
“The windows and the doors,” He replied, “Don’t worry.”
“I know. I can’t help it,” She murmured back.
My father made some sandwiches for Josh and me since we hadn’t gotten the chance to eat at school. I had a grilled cheese, he had peanut butter and jelly, just like always. After that, Josh retreated to our room to play his DS some more, and I sat at the table working on my multiplication tables. I wanted to ask my parents if monsters were coming, but knew better than to snitch on Josh, so I stayed quiet until our bedtime.
I climbed into my bed like normal, trying my best not to giggle at the fact that I was going to be staying up past my bedtime and give up our plan. My mother tucked me in and gave me a kiss on the forehead, then wished us goodnight before slipping out of the room.
“Joshhhhhh” I whispered, almost as soon as she had left, “Are we gonna do it?”
“Yeah,” He said, and I heard the creaking of the ladder to the top bunk.
I sprung out of bed, which caused the ancient floorboards to emit a rather loud groaning sound. Josh shushed me with a glare, then crept to the only window in the room. Josh cracked the curtains open and got to his knees to look out the very bottom. I was still a lot shorter than him, so I had to stand to see. The storm was a really bad one, I could tell that immediately. While it was incredibly dark out, for the most part, bolts of lightning would illuminate the whole street as bright as day every few minutes. Trees leaned over in the wind, their lost leaves swirling through the air and getting caught in the steady stream of water rushing down the street into the storm drain. The rain poured down against the roof of the house, filling it with the sound of drumming water interrupted occasionally by the boom of thunder.
“I don’t see any monsters,” I explained to Josh.
“Let’s just wait,”
And so we waited by that window for what felt like hours to a kid my age but might have only been fifteen or so minutes in reality. Then we saw it. The creature, if you can call it a creature at all, was like a walking storm cloud. In fact, I just thought it was a strange shadow at first, just a clump of murky darkness. But then it began to reveal itself as something much alive. It moved slowly, with tendrils of its dark mass, reaching out around it. At the same time as it began to advance through my field of view, a squirrel ran out of a nearby tree. The creature began moving much faster towards the squirrel, a long arm-like piece of darkness reaching out to grab it. The arm picked the squirrel up, then wrapped around it and pulled back into the main mass.
I waited for the squirrel to reappear or something, but it never did. As I waited for it to emerge from the creature, I began to panic. My breath quicked and I got really lightheaded. The last thing I remember was feeling dizzy and reaching out to try and grab my dresser to hold me up.
I then woke up on my parent’s bed, my mother pacing the room in her floral nightgown.
“What happened Mama?” I asked, sitting up in the bed.
“Oh thank god!” She exclaimed and flung herself onto the bed to wrap me in a bear hug.
Though I realize now that I must have just passed out from fear, Josh told my parents that I must have been sleepwalking and fallen, not wanting to admit he was awake after our bedtime. I went along with the story, and the monsters in the storm became a topic of conversation almost as taboo as sex in my mind. I knew I wasn’t supposed to tell my parents what I had been doing that night, and we never talked about anything ever again, at least until a brief conversation we had when I moved out, which I hardly remember.
That was the first time I ever saw the monsters. I never sought them out again, in fact, quite the opposite. I avoided looking outside my window at all costs whenever the weather was even slightly stormy. And once I was on my own, I became like my mother. I am a freelance graphic designer, and I would sit with my laptop open in front of my own television, just watching the weather reports and praying not to see any storms heading my way. Everyone in the area is extremely wary of going outside during storms, but I was pretty over-the-top with it, refusing to leave my house if there was even a slight sprinkle or chance of thunder.
But alas, I saw the monsters again, just last night. I knew the storm coming was going to be a bad one. Rain, thunder, hail, and anything else that you can imagine were predicted to terrorize the town for 4 straight days. I am a real apocalypse-prepper when it comes to storms around here, and this one was no different. I went to my local Wal-Mart and stocked up on canned goods, bottled water, and other household staples to make sure that I wouldn’t have to leave my house for the whole week.
On the trip back from the store, I ran into my landlord, who lives in the other side of the duplex. He was packing up his car. When I asked him where he was headed he just looked at me and shook his head.
“You were probably too young to remember the last time this town got a storm this bad. But it wasn’t anything to fuck around with. I ain’t staying, going to visit my brother in Springfield,” He explained, then slammed the trunk of his car shut. It was a fairly nerve-wracking experience and set me on edge for the next couple of days.
When the first green bits on the weather radar hit our town, I felt okay. I knew the storm was going to be a real doozy, the weatherman had said it was one of the worst to hit our town in years. I began to get nervous with what the landlord had said, and considered leaving for myself, but realized that I had nowhere to go unless I decided to visit my parents on the other side of town, where I highly doubted the storm would be any less severe.
As the first day pressed on, the storm got really bad, really fast. I tried to throw myself into my work, or anything else to distract myself, but it just wasn’t working. Eventually, I simply resorted to pacing back and forth between the three rooms of the duplex, and occasionally shooting texts to my friends and family to check in with them and see if anything terrible had happened near them. Nothing bad happened, and I managed to get some sleep that night, quite often interrupted by large booms of thunder.
Then came yesterday. The storm was still raging around 7:00 in the morning, which is when I woke up. That was much earlier than normal for me, but there was an odd noise coming from my front yard, just barely audible over the pouring rain and howling winds. I went to my window and peered out nervously, just to see my worst fears met. My heart sank as I watched. I tried closing the curtain, but the idea that the creature could just be doing anything it wanted to in my front yard brought me right back to watch.
Eventually, the creature finished up on the tree, as well as ripping the door off of my mailbox, and moved to my landlord’s side of the yard, and I could no longer get a good angle to view it from. I just sat on my couch, unable to decide what to do next, so I just did nothing. And then I heard a crack noise. Very quiet, but so clear in my mind. I could tell it came from my basement, where I hardly ever went. I walked over to the door that led to the stairwell and placed my hand on the knob, heart racing. It took me a couple of seconds to work up the courage to open the door, but I finally did and hated what I saw.
There is only one window in my basement and the single pane of glass in it had been shattered. Through the broken glass, two things poured into my basement. There was water rushing in, on its way to ruin the equipment down there, no doubt, and also something far, far worse. Tendrils of shadow crept in, amalgamating into a lump of the creature on top of my dryer.
I didn’t even think, just sprinted for my keys and then out to my car without a second thought. I just drove as fast as I could, as far as I could until several hours later when my gad tank was almost completely empty. By that time, I was far from home and the weather had begun to clear. From there, I got a hotel, which is where I am now, and have just been sitting around waiting ever since. I’m not sure when, or even if, I will go back at all. I left everything back there, but I guess I’m scared the thing stayed in my house, and it’s just going to be waiting for me when I get back.
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2021.09.27 00:51 randomuser2316 Breaking non-compete?

I am head tech at a small GP. There is technically a policy that I am not supposed to work at another vet clinic, I can have a second job as long as it isn’t veterinary. This is obviously for non-compete reasons. My old ER offered me occasional relief that I can pick up on the weekends as I want, and I am wondering if I should talk with my current employer about it or not. The ER is an hour and a half, about 90 miles, away, and I would work probably 2 short shifts a month when I am in the area (my parents live there).
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2021.09.27 00:51 Budget-Song2618 After shocking story about CIA illegal acts, Biden admin must drop Assange charges immediately

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2021.09.27 00:51 Shade_Raven Lamar Jackson watching film on the team plane. "We're going to do better"

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2021.09.27 00:51 Anxious-kisses Flare and covid?

Did anyone else get a flare whilst being infected with covid? And did you think that covid was the course of it?
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2021.09.27 00:51 TheBonesOfAutumn On September 13, 1989, 43-year-old Joseph Bova was killed outside of his Merrillville, Indiana home when a pipe bomb that was rigged to his truck’s ignition exploded. With no witnesses, suspects, or motive, his case remains unsolved.

The morning of September 13, 1989, started out as a typical day for the Bova family of Merrillville, Indiana. 43-year-old Joseph Bova readied for work while his wife, 46-year-old Sharon Bova, sat in the kitchen sipping her morning coffee. At approximately 6am, Joseph bid farewell to his wife and exited the couple's modest home located at 6686 Massachusetts Avenue.
At 6:04am, Joseph climbed into his 1974 Ford pickup truck to head to a local diner to have breakfast with his brother before work. Seconds later, a violent explosion rattled the windows and doors of the usually quiet middle class neighborhood. Alarmed, Sharon went to investigate the sound, only to be met by a scene of utter chaos outside.
Debris covered the lawn and Joseph’s Ford, now a misshapen mass of metal, sat smoking in the couples driveway. Sharon found her husband lying face down in the yard approximately 50 feet away from his vehicle, nearly completely dismembered and barely conscious. Sadly, at 6:40am, Joseph Bova was declared DOA at Methodist Hospital Southlake. His cause of death was listed as blood loss and severe trauma.
An intense investigation by agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms revealed that Joseph’s death had been caused by a pipe bomb placed under the hood of his truck. The bomb, which was 2 inches in diameter and 8 inches long, was placed atop the transmission of the truck and then wired to the ignition. The explosion had been so powerful, it had reshaped the vehicle into a pyramid of wrecked steel, caving in the dash and blowing out the floor and windows. ATF agents called it “the work of professionals.”
The search for both Joseph’s killer and a motive for the murder began, however it was quickly learned that Joesph Bova had no known enemies. He had been employed as a financial secretary and part-time field representative for Laborers Local 81 in Valparaiso, Indiana since 1988. According to fellow employees, there was nothing controversial about him.
Joseph was described as a quiet family man, and a “hell of a friend and worker.” He didn’t drink or do drugs, and had no issues in his marriage. According to all who knew him, Joseph was exceedingly kind and caring, even going out of his way the previous winter to feed the stray cats that had gathered at the town's Steel mill.
An attempt to find a witness of any kind proved unsuccessful. To complicate matters even more, investigators learned that Joseph had ridden to work with a coworker the two previous days before the explosion, leaving them to question when the device had been placed inside of the truck's hood.
Whispers began to circulate that perhaps the bombing had been the result of the Union's rumored relations with members of crime syndicates. However after a thorough investigation, this theory was discounted by local law enforcement and ATF agents. A 30,000 dollar reward was offered for any information leading to the arrest of Joseph’s murderer, unfortunately the few tips investigators received ultimately led nowhere and the case quickly went cold.
While they have never been officially connected to Joseph’s case, I thought it was worth mentioning that over the next 4 years, two more incidents involving pipe bombs occurred in the area.
In January of 1990, less than 6 miles away from Merrillville, two loud explosions awoke the residents of Crown Point, Indiana. At approximately 2:30 am, two pipe bombs detonated on the property of the Hall family, one on their front porch, and one that was left near their patio door. The explosions left the windows shattered, and caused significant damage to the exterior of the home, however none of the five members of the Hall family were injured. Just like in Joseph Bova’s case, investigators could find no motive or suspects behind the bombing.
Three years later, on August 23, 1993, yet another pipe bomb would be discovered in Merrillville. That morning, police were summoned to Precision DriveLine, a company that distributed driveshafts and clutches to auto part stores. An employee who was heading out to make a delivery noticed a strange wire protruding from the right rear fender of a company truck. After a careful examination, the employee discovered a large pipe bomb hidden on the underside of the vehicle. A bomb squad was able to successfully remove the device and detonate it in a secure location, however like the two previous bombings, neither a motive nor a suspect was ever revealed.
According to family, Sharon was never the same after the loss of her husband. She fell into a deep depression and stopped going to work. Eventually she even refused to answer calls or visits from family and friends. Sadly, in 2009 Sharon passed away. According to family, she died of “a broken heart.”
While the Bova’s didn’t have any children, Joseph’s nephew, who was 9-years-old when his uncle’s life was taken, continues to peruse answers about his uncle’s murder. He fears however, that with no suspects, witnesses, or motive, the case may never be solved.
Newspaper Clippings
Find A Grave: Joseph Bova
Find A Grave: Sharon Bova
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2021.09.27 00:51 NovaLactic ELI5: Why are angry people more violent?

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2021.09.27 00:51 Hayainboi Doja - Ultra Sour Okanagan Grown (Sativa) - 30.9% - $44.99+tax 3.5G

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2021.09.27 00:51 pnoluthando7 This is really how I robbed this bank

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2021.09.27 00:51 ZombyPlay1 overcome the fear of playing ranked, if you're interested the link is in the comments, enjoy.

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2021.09.27 00:51 shazadster Firs time host

Any advice?
Thoughts about short trips and first time renters? I just got a request for a 20 hour trip for my 2012 Benz R-class from a first timer. I think I’m busy that weekend so I’m opted to decline anyway. Thanks!
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2021.09.27 00:51 No-Acanthaceae8415 This fits WAY to well(Magical Sanctum)

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2021.09.27 00:51 CryloTheRaccoon Is Shattered Pixel Dungeon a game that I can just pick up and play?

I was looking for new privacy respecting games to try, and I saw Shattered Pixel Dungeon.
Open source, regularly updated, and has a large community. Seems nice, but I don’t know if it’ll be a game where I have to sink huge amounts of time in just to learn - I just want to be able to pick up and play anytime.
Is that true?
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2021.09.27 00:51 Sketch_Crush I've never seen middle-aged Willem Defoe and old Willem Defoe in the same room. Coincidence?

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2021.09.27 00:51 MotherOfWoomy bi_irl

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2021.09.27 00:51 MatekWielki Equilibrium of Chaos [Help] [minor spoiler]

Hi Guys and Girsl, pls share your wisdom with me!
On Aeon mythic path in Abbys you need judge those who broken the laws. I got Arena master and airship captain, I heard a rumor that 3th one is son (one with abusiv mother) i invited him to camp but not (karen) judge option is available.
Is he realy 3th one or its someone else?
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2021.09.27 00:51 NeonRunaway What fictional place do you wish you could visit?

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2021.09.27 00:51 weltallic Why do you think incest is so common in fanart these days?

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2021.09.27 00:51 lorynnnotlauren I want y'all's opinion

Do you guys think Sister Wives has improved the perception of polygamy for the general public or made it worse?
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2021.09.27 00:51 Open-Leather-411 Taking a post a reposting it for karma farming. Then spamming the board with it.

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2021.09.27 00:51 OnyxKingMe Volkanovski vs Ortega should have been stopped in Round 3. Ortega couldn't make it to the stool or answer Herb Dean's questions coherently. Further rigging by the UFC

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2021.09.27 00:51 tannermash Tucker’s definitely getting a letter from PETA this week.

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2021.09.27 00:51 qyyg When Peter the Great became Czar as a child, a hole was cut in the back of his throne and the regent hid inside and whispered orders into his ear so it could appear he was coming up with them on his own

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2021.09.27 00:51 Vitamin_CMB I really love City Park. We are spoiled to have this right in our town...

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