Prodigy - Narayan

2021.09.27 00:38 logicalmaniak Prodigy - Narayan

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2021.09.27 00:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Three-year feud ends with US-China-Canada prisoner swap | Christian Science Monitor

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2021.09.27 00:38 piedude67 I'm so tired of this

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2021.09.27 00:38 TheLaurenMcKenzie I googled 741 Computershare and simulation once again confirmed

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2021.09.27 00:38 gd2go2 Tattoo idea but worried I shouldn’t get it.

For context, I served two tours as an infantryman in Afghanistan. Needless to say the recent events there have severely affected me for the worst. The only real solace I have is the idea that all of my fellow service members who died over there died for each other and they belief they were doing something meaningful.
So I’ve been considering getting the Soldier’s Memorial tattooed on my forearm.
But I can’t help but feel it would be in poor taste because I didn’t know personally know anyone who was killed over there. I knew two men who were killed but not very well; regardless their deaths did affect me to some extent, and I mourn for all of those killed over there.
So would it be inappropriate for me to get that tattoo?
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2021.09.27 00:38 AtomicNarration What is an easy Tally Hall song to play on guitar?

I've been trying to learn guitar (I already have some experience playing piano) and I want to learn how to play something by Tally Hall as my first song. I originally thought of learning Just Apathy but some of the chords seem kind of complicated for a beginner, so now I'm considering Greener or Never Meant to Know (all Rob songs I know, his songs just seem more guitar driven lol). Does anyone have experience playing Tally Hall songs on guitar, and if so which one(s) do you think would be good for a complete beginner? Or are any of their songs even good for beginners?
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2021.09.27 00:38 StonedBone420 Need help selling

Unfortunately I must sell had some stuff come up.
Currently I have transferred my saitama into eth using uniswap on my Coinbase wallet… I see no way of selling?
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2021.09.27 00:38 Heavy_Mayo_32570 Things that make ya think twice...

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2021.09.27 00:38 ViolentIndigo Love this for her 😊

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2021.09.27 00:38 foresthacker007 [Store]Steam Level Up, Trading Card Sets | Bunny Level Up Service | Level Up Your Steam Profile Fast & Easily at Great Prices

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2021.09.27 00:38 mannythemantis i mean wow

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2021.09.27 00:38 abuffandacool How did you guys discover the Soup?

For me it was actually that one episode of Phineas and Ferb they were in in like 2010. Searched them up on YouTube, heard No Hablo Ingles and the rest is pop-punk history. Interested to hear everyone’s story!
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2021.09.27 00:38 Bandit617 I saw this on Instagram. Is this real?

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2021.09.27 00:38 guswil A message from… Mama…?

I don’t have time to show a picture, but in Via Corolla, there is an invisible sentence (you need the UV light to see it) that says “I left you some things” and the sentence is signed by MAMA HERSELF. I don’t know what these “things” are, or when mama wrote this, but this is definitely something that I would look into.
You can find the message by the skiff that is close to the house with the golden lions.
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2021.09.27 00:38 bd1941 Harvesting hay (Canon A1 - 50mm f1.8 - Portra 400)

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2021.09.27 00:38 myCadi Looking for recommendations

Last time I was out west in the USA I tried a strain called Sour Power OG by a company called KushCo. This sativa strain was fire, full of trichomes, super sticky and the smell of pure diesel fill our hotel room.
I’ve been trying to find a similar strain in Canada but haven’t found anything close to it yet.
Here’s the link to it:
Wondering if anyone might be able to point me to something similar. Looking for a sativa that’s energetic with a good diesel smell. I know I won’t get the same quality in Canada but I figure someone on here might be able to recommend something - thx
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2021.09.27 00:38 Rubiktor012 and the cycle repeats itself

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2021.09.27 00:38 Accomplished-Bag-164 Baby FootBall Token | 10% BUSD Rewards | Doxxed Dev | Huge Marketing Budget | Chineese Whales already In | Launching Now

⚽️Welcome to Baby Football⚽

BABY FOOTBALL is a community owned football inspired token. Baby Football tokens aims to bring football stars closer, and spread the awareness of the game to the whole world 🌎

Our Smart Baby Football sends you Busd every hour 🤩

BUY, HODL and Relax, Your Rewards will come to your wallet automatically

Launching Now !


Organic Growth and Long Term Project

Chat already opened, get to know the team and community closer

💰 Fees

🌟7% Rewards sent as reflection every hour🌟

🌟2% Added to liquidity for stable pricing🌟

🌟1% Use for heavy marketing🌟

📣 Roadmap

•Website Launched

•Liquidity Locked for 1 Year

•Heavy influencer marketing pre and post launch

•Listing on Coingecko, CMC after launch

•Cmc trending •Listing on Major Exchanges

Please note Admins Will never Dm you first and please be aware of other copy coins

LP Locked:

Contract: 0x6e91730b224b66739e94ee18300b96720a3daf2f

Buy Here:

Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.27 00:38 chetpancakesparty Did anyone grab some of the confetti?

I'd love a piece if you brought one home and can pay you
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2021.09.27 00:38 finnball2g Imma crosspost to all relevant subreddits

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2021.09.27 00:38 Fun-Ad-9773 Examination in post-bac degrees?

Was wondering what are the level of exams/questions that come across post-bac programs for MLS; are they only MCQ; basic or complex; hard to pass; etc
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2021.09.27 00:38 ImmortalThunderGod79 Do you think the devs will keep Orochi and Raider the way they are or they'll eventually receive nerfs in the future?

Am mostly asking the thoughts of the Comp FH sub-reddit here out of curiosity...
Since its often common for devs have characters be strong later nerf usually due to massive complaints (see Gryphon for example) or because its unhealthy for the game.
Or this time will they stick to their guns and allow the community time to instead adapt to the changes?
What do you think?
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2021.09.27 00:38 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 00:38 RobertTAS Pickups from my roadtrip to Indianapolis

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2021.09.27 00:38 Usual_Opposite198 What's the weirdest?

I'll be more okay with the first one than the second, mainly because it's a small age difference and is legal in most states, whereas a 18 and 40 is just immoral and predatory.
View Poll
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