Headed out on Friday night the weekend goes by to fast.

2021.09.26 23:13 Stacey55 Headed out on Friday night the weekend goes by to fast.

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2021.09.26 23:13 ShaMain777 An in-depth study on how Enemy Fountain=Mecca/Ka'bah

Hello my dearest brothers, ShaMain777 here. Allow me to be quick and concise my friends: we all know that the Enemy fountain is the in-game representation of our most venerable holy site, Mecca. This is a well-known fact first presented to us by grand prophet most high Jacques (if my studies are correct) and has sparked the almighty movements of many nono william dorbven imam twitch ETC MASHALLAH pilgrimage featuring Ghost/Cleanse technology. However what if I were today to tell you that our holy city and the enemy fountain share many more similarities than would first meet the eye?
To exhibit this, we must delve into the true nature of the fountain and realise that the great enemy fountain actually comes in two (2) parts, First the SPAWN and then the NEXUS OBELISK.
First we will examine the SPAWN. Now upon first glance the spawn seems to do the exact OPPOSITE of what we would hope from him most high take not his name in vain. It HEALS our foes most Haram (G*yzreal L*x S*rab*tch ETC) and offers them a location where they can respawn upon death. However I see this in a different light. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave us hope when it comes to difficulties by saying: "Verily, if Allah loves a people, He makes them go through trials (ordeals, suffering and difficulties) The enemy SPAWN is the way through which he most high take not his name in vain bestows upon us our trials that we may sunder them with axe, lamppost and snowball.
The second part of the fountain which we must investigate is the NEXUS OBELISK (cleansing light of allah). Naturally the main objective of Ghost/Cleanse pilgrimage (most halal exalted be he who completes it) is to reach the enemy fountain and be obliterated in holy light of NEXXXXXUS OBELISK. However, how do we know that this light is truly sent from him most mighty? This is actually rather simple to prove.
Simply put, the NEXUS OBELISK uses a very rare and special type of damage, RAW DAMAGE. This damage type is normally only seen in execution abilities (Urgot ult, Pyke ult) This alone would not be substantial enough. In the examples used the RAW DAMAGE can be negated by way of invulnerability I.E. Tryndamere ult, Taric ult ETC. HOWEVER the nexus obelisk deals a MODIFIED (modified) version of RAW DAMAGE. This modified() version can BYPASS any form of Resurrection, Shields, Undying effects, Invulnerability or Damage transfer. ONLY the light of him most venerable and high would be able to do this, therefore it is my unshakeable view that it is indeed his power that shows us the truth on completion of pilgrimage. (ghost/cleanse)
IF, my brothers, you are still not convinced, we will look at the trivia section of the SPAWN wiki page. The only champion EVER to have had an effect on the way the SPAWN operates is DORBAVEN HIMSELF. In my eyes this is IRREFUTABLE PROOF. that the enemy fountaion IS in fact the in-game personification of the Mecca (not that there was any previous doubt of course) and will conclude my study. Thank you all for your time.
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2021.09.26 23:13 jamnsk31 Any hope with these two Walmart plants?

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2021.09.26 23:13 SendAwards well i guess i set myself up for this

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2021.09.26 23:13 spookbroodje Alliances

As stated in a previous post where i asked tips for my sis getting into an alliance. She still havent found one on the EU 52 server, and the top alliances are full or require to speak French.
Now she made her own Alliance and it shows that a player requested to join, but she had no idea how to accept them or where to see it.
Can anyone explain to me so i can help?
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2021.09.26 23:13 Winter_Soil_1293 Me introducing my friends to 90 Day Fiance

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2021.09.26 23:13 Stock-Obligation5010 E

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2021.09.26 23:13 theonlyepi Rate my setup

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2021.09.26 23:13 Pupper_ZR My dog loves this

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2021.09.26 23:13 JQuill7 OTV Kickball Event with 100T and Others (Sept. 29 12 PST)

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2021.09.26 23:13 spookyjukez I love Kayn and would love to main, but I can't jungle worth a crap. Is it possible to play him as mid or top?

Jungle is so hard for me I mostly play mid and adc, but Kayn is such a great champ to play and had a great time with him on ARAM. Any help would be great.
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2021.09.26 23:13 Necrochaufagist CRG here. We are recruting and ready to fight Entrenched! Enjoy the video!

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2021.09.26 23:13 bubblygalaxyxox me: 60k rhd them: cerberus and trex

View Poll
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2021.09.26 23:13 arizonaicedtea3 priest at my catholic school got accused as a child abuser

i am kind of surprised because i never thought of him as one, but hey, he's a priest. it hasn't came out yet what kind of abuser he was accused of being though. i feel so bad for the minor.
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2021.09.26 23:13 GhostReaderEGY Yeah that's exactly what Martial artists would react to!

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2021.09.26 23:13 Sirluke79 USTX DEX is finally live on mainnet, getting ready to begin Launchpad operations next Saturday, October 2nd, at 12:00 UTC

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2021.09.26 23:13 Juan_Carlo Which Mix of Big Time Sensuality Was Used In the Original Video?

I've been downloading and compiling all of the B-Sides from Bjork's various albums, and I encountered the Fluke Mix for the first time in decades. I really like it and knew I'd heard it somewhere, so I went searching for the original video on youtube and all the versions I could find have the Fluke Mix in it.
I have not seen the Big Time Sensuality video for decades, so I can no longer remember what version of the song was in the original video. Was it the Fluke Mix or the version that's on the album?
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2021.09.26 23:13 Sounders90 The Seattle Mariners are on pace to break an impressive streak.

If the Mariners can hold off either the Braves or the Phillies in the NL East, the Mariners will have posted a playoff qualifying record for the first time since the 2007 when the team finished 3 games clear of the NL Central winning Cubs. This is the second longest streak in the four major North American sports, only behind the Sacramento Kings who last posted a playoff qualifying recording in their last post season appearance (2006).
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2021.09.26 23:13 Strange_Berry4396 UFC career legendary mod

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2021.09.26 23:13 Thrazun Masks are still mandatory in public transport as you can see... :(

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2021.09.26 23:13 woouniversal Which night to do Univeral Studios if staying for HHN?

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2021.09.26 23:13 WolfChaos I'm dropping out of college after this semester

Going back to school was never something I wanted to do. Covid has just made it worse. I will just work a job and live on my own terms. I'm tired of living up to the expectations of others. I'm financially stable without college.
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2021.09.26 23:13 Nazamroth Why are blacks so good at running sport events?

Practice. Since the dawn of time, they have either been running from, or after the lion.
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2021.09.26 23:13 voidix900 Team building help

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2021.09.26 23:13 Professional_Map3373 (20M) Want to Watch The French Dispatch

Looking for a friend in the NYC area to come and watch The French Dispatch in theaters. I don’t know anyone who is interested in seeing this film and I don’t like going to the movies by myself so if your interested in seeing this film message me
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